Garden Friends

The book "Garden Friends" by Mette Krull. Published January 2021. I have been looking forward to sharing some of the many inspirational Danish gardens that I have experienced with friends and family over the past couple of years. In my job as a photographer specializing in flowers and plants, I have visited countless gardens over the years. However, there are always those gardens that stand out and leave a lasting impression. Gardens where the mood and atmosphere get completely under your skin and you remember them long after leaving.


Pleasant moments

"There are large gardens and small gardens. Courtyards and ornamental gardens. Flower gardens and nurseries. Common to all of them is that they invite for pleasant moments with family, relaxing with a great book, places of contemplation and tranquility. This is where you find peace after a busy day and here you dream up new projects and watch the seasons change."






The Flower Sisters

"On the farm, sustainability and the environment are a natural part of everyday life. An old farming method from the 19th century is used very often. In the autumn, seaweed "Eelgrass" is collected from the beach, which is salted by snow and rain, and is used for fertilizer in the spring."




French Bohéme

"My creations reflect my love for wood. It is not necessarily the most durable material - now that many of my things are outside - but then I create something new when the old is no longer standing. I love everything that has patina and rustic qualities". 


I hope you will find my garden friends and their gardens inspiring ...  

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